Beauty Products Released July 2022, There’s Skyscraping Mascara!

You can’t miss this line of beauty products released in July 2022. There are mascaras that can make eyelashes curl like skyscrapers, blushes with beautiful colors, to skincare to keep skin glowing.

Thanks to short video player apps like Tiktok, makeup and skincare products have become viral poisons that make people curious to try.

Especially with the presence of beauty influencers who like to poison netizens with their honest reviews, the temptation of viral products is getting worse.

However, don’t be tempted by new products. Gathering as much information as possible will help you find the right product so you don’t make the wrong choice.

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The following is a list of beauty products released in July 2022, which are not only viral but also make a real difference.

A Line of Beauty Products Released July 2022

For those of you who like to buy makeup and skincare, it’s incomplete if you haven’t tried the latest trends.

If the collection in your drawer feels ordinary and doesn’t change, then it’s time to try a new product.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

The appearance of eyelashes can change the whole face. If the eyelashes look down and short, the eyes look lethargic as if they are sleepy.

Unlike the case if the eyelashes look long and curly, the eyes look fresher. Therefore, you need a mascara that can completely change the appearance of your eyelashes in an instant.

One of the beauty products that will be released in July 2022 in several countries is Sky High Mascara from Maybelline.

This mascara claims to make eyelashes curl like a skyscraper, so it is the target of many women. The reason is, by using this mascara you no longer need to wear false eyelashes.

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According to Maybelline’s Brand General Manager Carla Mangindaan, this mascara was sold out within 24 hours of its launch in several countries.

“Within 24 hours, sold out in France. While in America sold four times. We are so excited to introduce this mascara to all of our friends,” said Carla at the launch of Maybelline Sky High Mascara in Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta, Friday (1/7).

Maybelline Sky High Mascara has a flexible stem, allowing you to reach the corners of even the shortest lashes.

In Indonesia, this mascara is already available at Maybelline official outlets at a price of IDR 140 thousand.

12 Color Blush On Benefit

In addition to mascara, blush or blush can also make your face look fresh and look younger. The problem is, the blush on the market only provides a limited choice of colors, so it makes the appearance seem minor and unnatural.

To fix this problem, the makeup brand from the United States, Benefit, presents 12 blush colors.

The presence of this beauty product that was released in July 2022 aims to make it easier for us to find the blush color according to our skin tone.

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With a variety of blush color choices, it will be easier to find a blush that is suitable for Indonesian skin.

There are 3 categories of blush colors ranging from soft to bold. The three blush color categories consist of shades of pink, coral-peach, and rich berry.

Each category consists of colors that are shimmer, satin finish, or neutral so you can adjust the type of blush to your daily activities.

YOU Radiance Up! with SymWhite 377

To keep skin healthy and bright, this beauty product released in July 2022 contains brightening active ingredients.

YOU presents a skincare line with the active ingredient SymWhite 377, a white crystalline molecule derived from the pine tree. This ingredient has been clinically tested to inhibit skin darkening.

SymWhite 377 is not as popular as niacinamide or arbutin, but it works more effectively in brightening the skin.

While niacinamide and arbutin work on the outside of the skin, Symwhite 377 works from within. No kidding, YOU Radiance Up! series even took Kim Soo Hyun as a beauty ambassador.

That’s a list of beauty products that were released in July 2022 and you can try to be more attractive. Shopping is fun, but remember to always use the products you buy until they run out, OK! (R7 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)


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