Black Tunic OOTD with Lots of Different Look Inspiration

The black tunic OOTD makes the look look different. You can combine a tunic with a hijab to make it look beautiful and attractive.

Tunics are one of the clothes that are quite a lot chosen because they are suitable to be combined with anything. Besides being able to present a formal look, you can also wear it for various activities.

Choosing the color of clothing can also be adjusted to the tastes of its users. But black is the color of clothing that is suitable for various moments.

There are many color variations of the tunic that you can choose from. One of them is by choosing to wear a black OOTD tunic with an attractive hijab.

There is a lot of interesting inspiration for you. Here are some OOTDs that you can choose from.

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Black Tunic OOTD Inspiration with Hijab

Choosing to wear the hijab is one that is recommended for every Muslim. Even though you are wearing a hijab, it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with models and clothing colors.

For example, the use of a black tunic. You can make a choice of a tunic with many designs and colors.

The tunic is seen as a well-known Muslim dress, the top is closed with a long shape.

You can choose a tunic with a variety of attractive color options including black.

You can use fashion style inspiration with the following tunic. With a combination hijab, a black tunic will look beautiful and elegant.

Tunic with Loose Office Pants

Creating an attractive appearance is not easy. You can use a combination of a black OOTD tunic with loose-fitting office pants.

This fashion style inspiration is suitable for those of you who want to look formal. Complete your stunning look with this one style inspiration.

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Big Size Tunic

Getting a beautiful, elegant, and attractive impression can be from various styles of dress. You can also look beautiful by wearing a loose and large black OOTD tunic.

Plain white trimmed tunics also make the look look polite. Because, the loose size is able to cover the curves of a woman’s body.

Wearing this one OOTD helps you still look polite, beautiful, and elegant.

Polka dot pattern

Black clothing is actually chosen because it can be combined with other fashion items. A polka dot black tunic can also be the best choice.

You can also wear this black tunic OOTD to attend an invitation. In addition to looking elegant and elegant, it is also suitable for going out to hangout with friends.

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Tunic with Skirt

Different again for those who want to look feminine, can combine a tunic with a skirt. You can combine a combination of this one style of dress with a variety of selected accessories.

For example, glasses or necklaces to support the appearance of a black tunic OOTD with a skirt seem more comfortable. Choose the best fashion style inspiration. (R10/HR-Online)


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