Blouse and Shirt Differences Seen from Several Sides

The difference between a blouse and a shirt is very clear when viewed. However, both of them also have something in common, namely providing a neat appearance.

Clothing does consist of various kinds of items. One of them is the boss.

Tops for women are also quite diverse compared to men’s. Women often wear blouses or shirts when attending formal or formal events.

The shirt itself can give a more dressy impression. As for the blouse looks more relaxed.

Actually there are many differences that you can get from the two bosses.

The variants are quite diverse, making blouses and shirts the right choice. To combine it with subordinates you can choose according to your needs.

You can see the difference between blouses and shirts by their appearance. Nevertheless. almost all women have both items.

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Some Differences Blouses and Shirts Owned by Women

Both of these tops as women’s clothing are quite often the choice because the model is attractive. Even though they are both superiors, there are clear differences between the two.

Both tops include formal clothing that can be combined with any subordinates. To be clear, you can tell there are some differences between the two women’s tops.

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You can see the difference between a blouse and a shirt directly, including in terms of the buttons. Blouses usually have buttons on the front and only a few.

The buttons are also only found in the neck or back area. However, if the blouse has vertical buttons, the front is usually located at the bottom of a hidden pocket.

In contrast to shirts that have buttons on the front lined up vertically in the middle.


As for the difference between blouses and shirts from the collar. Actually both have different types of collars. It’s just for shirts having collar, button, straight, tab, Windsor, or Spread Away.

As for the blouse itself, it has a round Peter Pan collar, a tie collar, a drooping Chelsea collar, or even a wing collar or scarf.

Actually, if you look at it, it’s almost the same, but each collar has a different history.

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The length of the two is also different. For each dress has its own characteristics.

Blouses have more variations in length than shirts.

Although the size has never been determined. You can see the short length of the clothes in terms of size.

Different fashion situations also require different Hermione.

So for the length of the size of the top according to the tastes of each user. Moreover, now the model and size of each clothing is increasingly varied.

The difference between a blouse and a shirt if you look at the length is certainly different. Because the length of the blouse is below the knee. All can be according to the needs of each. (R10/HR-Online)


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