Cigar Material for Robe with Unique and Luxurious Characteristics

The cigar material for the robe comes in various variants. It even has the same advantages as other materials. Gamis is present as an item of Muslim women’s clothing that is never timeless.

Even the gamis has now also undergone many changes that are quite visible. Starting from the design, model, color, to the materials used. Ceruti is one of the robe materials that has different characteristics.

In addition to making robes, cigars are also commonly used for making other clothing, even hijabs. In order to get to know the characteristics of the cigar material for the robe, here’s a full review.

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Characteristics of Cigar Materials for Robe

Each type of clothing does come with a variety of materials to choose from. Cigars are a material that has different qualities and characteristics from other types.

So most people choose clothes made from cigars. Like the cigar robes that come with attractive designs and unique characteristics.

The uniqueness that each material displays is the characteristics it has. The following are some of the characteristics of cigars that are commonly used for the manufacture of various types of clothing, including robes.

Light, Elastic and Soft

The first characteristic that you can get from this material is that it has a soft, light and elastic texture. With these characteristics, it is easier for manufacturers to form various fashion models.

Even more interestingly, many Muslim women are looking for cigar robes to appear more polite, neat and syar’i.

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Fabric Fibers Resemble Clouds

There are many things that you can distinguish from one type of fabric to another. Cigars are a unique material.

Because the fibers of the fabric resemble clouds if you are exposed to the sun or other light. However, cigars are a material that feels smooth and soft when touched.

Fabric Surface Resembling Orange Peel

Another characteristic that you won’t find in other materials is that cigars have a cloth surface that resembles an orange peel. However, when touched the texture of the fabric will still seem smooth, soft evenly.

Elegant Fabric Display

Wearing a robe with quality materials, of course, the appearance will also be more classy. Just like when you wear a cigar material that will make your appearance more elegant.

The appearance of the fabric that tends to fall so that you can wear cigars for robes to attend various events. Even with an attractive robe, it will affect your self-confidence and appearance.

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Not Easy to Stretch

Even though cigars are made of thin material, that doesn’t mean that cigar robes are easy to stretch. It is precisely the texture that is unique and different into its advantages.

The nature of the fabric which is slightly stiff, but soft is one of the factors why it does not stretch easily. This also makes the cigar material for the robe easy to wash and the color will not fade. (R10/HR-Online)


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