Cute and Colorful Cake Girl OOTD Hijab, Easy to Cheat!

OOTD hijab girl cake is a new term that is currently being discussed. It started with a TikTok user who mentioned the colorful clothing trend among women.

So, the term is intended for those who like to wear a mix and match of colorful clothes.

Summarizing from various sources, one of the characteristics of this “cake girl” OOTD is that she likes to use the technique of combining two or more colors (color blocking), on their clothes.

For those of you who are interested and want to follow the hijab fashion trend, come on, just take a peek at some of the choices from this colorful and cool OOTD hijab inspiration!

12 OOTD Hijab style Cake Girl

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Loose Pants Electric Blue

The first inspiration for the OOTD hijab was electric blue loose pants. Pair this outfit with a zebra print crop top.

This mix and match can be a reference for you if you want to follow the cake girl OOTD trend.

Colorful Shirts

Using white pants is suitable if you combine it with a colorful shirt. Then, also use a small, colorful bag.

Wearing this OOTD can make you look even more like a cake girl OOTD style.

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Fuchsia Color

Furthermore, you can also look like a cake girl by wearing a fuchsia-colored top, and a skirt of various colors.

Pastel Shades OOTD

The next cake girl-style hijab OOTD is wearing a blue tartan wrapped skirt. It’s perfect if you pair it with a pastel sage green shirt.

Using the pastel nuanced hijab OOTD, of course, you are also suitable for hanging out.

Baby Pink and Emerald

This mix and match of two tone shirts with baby pink and emerald colors can also be said to be an OOTD hijab girl cake, you know.

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Checkerboard and Flowers

Wearing a mint color span skirt with checkerboard accents and flowers is one outfit that you can wear with a crewneck.

Mix and match Sage Green

The next cake girl-style hijab OOTD is a combination of a fuchsia tank top, a sage green tunic, white culottes and a dusty pashmina.

Tosca and Electric Blue

If you want to appear wearing a cake girl’s hijab OOTD, you must also dare to combine different colors, such as tosca and electric blue.

Mix and match jeans culottes

It’s not difficult to look like a cake girl’s OOTD style. You simply wear culottes of jeans, then combine it with a pink inner and a patterned outer scarf. Don’t forget the fuchsia sandals.

Purple and White Warna

For purple lovers, you can also try to combine a tartan skirt with a purple cable knit cardigan and shirt, and white leggings.

Sweater Motif

The next cake girl-style hijab OOTD is a motif sweater with sage green overalls. Also add docmart shoes to make it more chic.

Colorful Crop Jacket

If you want to follow this fashion trend, don’t hesitate to look colorful and cool wearing a colorful crop jacket. Don’t forget to combine culottes and platform heels too.

If you like image which cheerful, there’s nothing wrong with wearing an OOTD hijab like a cake girl everyday.

Do you want pastel or bright colors, as long as two or more bright colors make you look colorful. Then it can still qualify to appear as a cake girl. (R3/HR-Online/Editor-Eva)


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