Differences between Lip Balm and Lip Ice, even though they have the same function

The difference between lip balm and lip ice is quite a lot. Unfortunately there are still many women who rarely know about it. This is because there are now many lip care products on the market.

So many of them are confused in determining. Both of these products seem to be the same in that they can moisturize the lips. But if you are still confused about the difference between the two, you can refer to the following review.

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Know the Difference between Lip Balm and Lip Ice

Women want to look beautiful and charming. This can be created with the many beauty products that can be used. One of the roles in the importance of appearance is beauty products on the lips.

There are many lip products that can make it look more moist and beautiful. Both are the choice of some women to make their lips look more moist.

When viewed from the function, both are almost the same. So what is the difference that is not widely known? Here’s the explanation.


The difference between lip balm and lip ice is clearly visible from the composition. For the lip ice product itself, it is composed of various compositions to be able to make the lips seem more fresh.

If you want fresher lips, you can use lip ice products. As for lip balm, a product that acts to treat dry lips. Lip balm is believed to be a moisturizer to keep lips moist and healthy.

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The difference between lip balm and lip ice is also clearly visible from the type. Especially for lip balm products, there are various brands because they are quite popular in the market.

For example, Nivea Essential Care, Lip Balm Wardah, Vaseline Lip Therapy, Maybelline Baby Lips, and many others. As for the lip ice product, which gives a fresher impression, it is also different.

One example of a lip ice product is lip ice sheer color. In addition to moisturizing, lip ice is also able to produce a sheer color on the lips.

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Matte Variants

The difference is not very clear between the two lip beauty products, be it ice or balm. But both of them have a matte content that can nourish the skin of the lips.

For example, lip ice matte color products. Although dry, this product also contains oil that moisturizes and nourishes the lips. Both do the same function, namely to keep the lips moist, soft, and healthy.

Having healthy lips and looks not dry is a woman’s dream. Moreover, now beauty products for lips are increasingly diverse. In order not to choose the wrong one, you need to know the right product.

It’s like knowing the difference between lip balm and lip ice. You can determine the best choice by understanding it. (R10/HR-Online)


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