Easy Ways to Blend Eyeshadow for Beginners

How to blend eyeshadow you can do easily. You just use the right and appropriate tips. So that the eye makeup will look more leverage.

Eyeshadow is one of the beauty products that are always used when women dress up. When using it, of course the eyeshadow is blended in order to give it an attractive appearance.

The use of eyeshadow is also able to make facial makeup look more beautiful. Different if you don’t blend, of course the appearance becomes strange and minor.

For those of you who want to try makeup, make sure you know how to blend eyeshadows. You need to know this technique in order to form the impression of a sharper eye.

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How to Blend Eyeshadow for Beginners

Every woman always wants to look beautiful and attractive. Not only in terms of clothing selection alone. But make-up or make up also affects every person’s appearance.

One that plays a role in applying makeup is using eyeshadow. Eyeshadow blending techniques can be different for each eye shape. To create the right technique results you can refer to the following tips.

Recognizing Eye Shapes

One way to blend eyeshadow is to know each person’s eye shape. Some have small creases, large eyelid areas, wide eyes, or even no creases.

By knowing the shape, you will learn the area of ​​application and the most appropriate style of applying the eyeshadow.

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Use Transitional Eyeshadow Colors

As for the second way to blend eyeshadow, choose 1 transition eyeshadow color so the results look natural and flawless. Make sure you choose eyeshadow flat matte without any glitter.

Choose a lighter color than the eyeshadow you want to blend. To blend the first color, avoid using a brush by patting it.

You just swipe left and right repeatedly. Choose a brush that has longer, softer strands.

Choose Second Color

The second color that you can apply is the display color on the eyelids. This color is the main eye makeup.

You can choose any color, you can use metallic to pastel options.

You can apply it until it crosses the crease line of the eye. Then you can also apply it by patting it with a flat brush.

After that, do a slide to blend between the first and second eyeshadow. By blending like this, your appearance is guaranteed to be more beautiful and charming.

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Color for the Edge of the Eye

If you want to give dimension to the corners of the eyes use the darkest. Use color on area outer V with brush make up small flat.

Use the same blending brush, but in a circular motion. By blending eyeshadow, make the outer edges of the V line appear faint. (R10/HR-Online)


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