Good and Quality Batik Materials, This is the Kind!

There are many kinds of good batik materials. It all depends on the texture as well as the original material.

The material itself affects the user’s comfort, because the most decisive thing is the quality and price of the batik cloth itself. In Indonesia, batik is one of the proud arts.

Moreover, UNESCO has inaugurated it as a world heritage. So that this batik attracts anyone who sees it.

Batik has penetrated the international trade market. Its distinctive patterns and motifs make it more unique and attention-grabbing.

Then the materials used also represent the perfection of batik itself.

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Types of Good Batik Materials for Making Batik Shirts

Several types of batik materials are important for you to know as an Indonesian citizen, which is rich in art and culture. Here’s the list.

Silk Fabric

The first type is silk. This fabric is already popular with its luxury.

Its soft, falling, and smooth glossy texture makes it the most perfect for making batik.

It’s just that the price is quite expensive. This is comparable to the quality and comfort when wearing it.

The price is influenced by the level of difficulty in making this silk material.

Santung Fabric Material

This fabric is like a typical rayon fabric with softness and coolness when wearing it. This material is very suitable for hot weather so it gives a cool sensation on the body.

This fabric is often used for stamped and printed batik. In addition, it has a type based on the thickness as well as the type of thread.

But the price is very cheap. So that it becomes a material that many Indonesian people like.

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Mori cloth

The next good batik material is mori cloth. The cloth is the main ingredient for making batik.

The advantages are easy processing and smooth texture. Made of cotton, comes in two types, namely the material that has been bleached and the material that is still calico.

Cotton Fabric

Next is cotton fabric. In addition to other clothing materials, this material is known as batik material.

Generally this cloth is made of cotton fiber which is spun into yarn, then processing it into quality cloth.

The material is a little stiff but easily absorbs sweat. Its cool texture makes many people like it.

The selection of these materials is in accordance with the thickness as well as the smoothness.

Pineapple Fiber Fabric

In addition to the above materials, there is also pineapple fiber fabric. This material is made from pineapple leaves.

Tends to be stiff and transparent but shiny and has fine lines. Interestingly, this material is able to absorb sweat better than others.

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Dobi cloth

Another material is Dobi cloth. This fabric is made by loom, not machine.

Its characteristic is that it comes with so many motifs. Both lines and boxes.

Another name is semi-silk because it comes from a mixture of polyester and cotton yarns.

This material is unique and smooth but rough in certain parts. Generally, this good batik material is for the upper middle class. (R10/HR-Online)


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