Hair and Body Wash, Recommendation for Anti-Complicated Soap and Shampoo

This hair and body wash recommendation is suitable for those of you who are lazy to mess around. With just one product, you can clean your hair and body while showering.

Especially if you have very busy activities and fast-paced mobility, this product will simplify the ritual because there is no need to buy separate soap and shampoo.

Do you know? Bathing is not just about cleaning the body, but also a me time ritual and taking care of the skin.

These products have a formula that is effective in removing dirt, pleasant aroma, and does not make the skin dry. In terms of usability, this product will really help you in shortening the time.

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More and more brands are now understanding the needs of their customers. In the past, hair and body wash recommendations were limited to one or two brands, now they are more diverse and easy to get. Let’s check the descriptions of the following products, maybe this is what you need!

Here are the Hair and Body Wash Recommendations

Some of these bath products claim to be able to clean hair and body at the same time, what are they?

The Body Shop Lemon Purifying Hair and Body Wash

The first recommendation is from The Body Shop, a cosmetic brand from London that has sold its products to 61 countries.

As the second largest cosmetic company in the world, The Body Shop provides a variety of quality products from natural ingredients.

One of them is bath products that can be used as soap as well as shampoo with lemon peel extract.

Its large size makes this product will not run out quickly, so it is fairly durable and long lasting.

The Body Shop has also become a brand that loves the environment by holding the Recycle Our Bottle program.

You can take the empty packaging of The Body Shop products to the official store branch in your city for recycling. Interestingly, people who participate with this program will also get a discount voucher.

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Kahf Energizing Hair and Body Wash

Next, there is a recommendation for soap and shampoo from Kahf, a local brand for men from PT Paragon Technology Innovation.

This soap and shampoo product uses HydroBalance technology which can clean optimally without removing the skin’s natural moisture.

This energizing fragrance makes you more excited to start activities. If you want an aroma that calms the mind, you can choose Kahf Relaxing Hair and Body Wash.

Quoted from the official website, this soap and shampoo product is priced at IDR 37 thousand for a 200 ml size.

Lifebuoy 3 in 1 Body Wash Shampoo Handwash

Not to forget, Lifebuoy also provides versatile products that can be used as shampoo, bath soap, and hand wash.

With Activ Silver formula that can clean thoroughly from head to toe. This product also contains antibacterial which protects you and your family from harmful germs.

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This hair and body wash recommendation from Lifebuoy is quite affordable, with IDR 40 thousand you can get 300 ml packaged products.

Lifebuoy also provides refill packs for this product, at a price of IDR 30 thousand you get 450 ml. It can be used by the whole household because it is cheap, practical, and durable.

Clear Men 3 in 1 Shampoo Tonic Soap

The anti-dandruff shampoo brand, Clear provides unique hair and body wash recommendations. In addition to being a soap and shampoo at the same time, this product also contains a tonic to nourish every strand of hair down to the roots. Not only for shampooing, this soap also treats the scalp.

Clear Men 3 in 1 Active Clean is a men’s shampoo, tonic and soap in one package.

The Active Clean formula in it can remove dandruff and clean excess oil on the scalp.

No half-hearted, at a price of IDR 30 thousand per 160 ml you can use this product all over your body. Very practical, right? (R7 / HR-Online / Editor-Ndu)


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