How to Fast Skincare for Some Special Skin Types and Its Purpose

How to fast skincare what should be done when using a new product? Yes, this is intended so that the face is not surprised. Thus minimizing the incompatibility of facial skin with the new product.

There are many beauty products on the market that can help women get beautiful and healthy facial skin. Even now skincare products are the most important needs for skin care.

Skincare fasting itself is a term that has the meaning as an activity to stop using the product for a certain period. You can do this with a good cause.

This method is deliberately done so that the skin can work well when receiving a new product. It even reduces the risk of incompatibility with the new skincare.

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Get to know how to do the right skincare fast

Using skincare is one of the routines that women can do to maintain healthy skin. But there are questions about the veracity of this.

Actually fasting is still pros and cons. But it all depends on the perception of each user. In order to better understand it, it’s a good idea to know what skincare fasting is.

The activity of allowing the skin to breathe from various chemical-based beauty products is what it means. This concept is indeed popular from a facial beauty brand from Japan.

So it appears that if it contains less chemicals, it is better. Reducing the risk of the effects of using products with chemicals is something that people often talk about.

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Fasting Skincare on Certain Skin Conditions

Doing skincare fasting is actually quite recommended. This method is for those who have certain skin. It’s a good idea to do this if things like this happen:

  • If the use of skincare causes irritation, redness and wounds. Usually this is due to the content of hard drugs in skincare.
  • For those who use new skincare, but cause negative reactions such as allergies.
  • The skincare fast is to find out the causes of products that cause negative reactions when using various brands of different facial skin beauty.

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The Purpose of Fasting Skincare

This method you need to do when skin conditions have a chance to repair cells. This time helps to release skin care products including moisturizer in some time.

In this case it obliges someone to stop using some beauty products. Starting from facial cleansers, sunscreens, toners, moisturizers, and serums on the skin.

The goal is to help eliminate the skin’s dependence on various kinds of chemical-based products.

After using a new skincare product, you should stop it for a while. Because the skin will regenerate itself.

For that, when bad effects occur when using skincare, you should use the skincare fast method so as not to worsen skin conditions. This method is special for certain skin types, such as acne or sensitive. (R10/HR-Online)


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