Kebaya Twisted Skirt Looks Beautiful and Elegant with the Right Top

Kebaya wrapped skirt is one of the fashion items that you can use for formal events. Give an attractive look with the right top.

There are so many recommendations for tops that are suitable to be combined with wrapped skirts. A wrap skirt is one of the most suitable outfits for attending formal events without being complicated.

This fashion item also comes with various interesting motifs that are suitable to be combined with various Indonesian tops. Even though it looks formal, you can also use it to look casual.

You just match it with the right boss. In this way, the kebaya wrapped skirt can make your dress style look more fashionable.

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The Right Top for a Kebaya Wrapped Skirt

Tops with pleated skirts help create a beautiful and formal impression. Especially if you can choose a boss according to your fashion style, you will definitely look more fashionable.

The design of the wrapped skirt is quite varied. There are many interesting motifs that continue to develop over time.

Here are some top models that you can combine with a wrapped skirt, namely:

Organza blouse

One of the tops that you can choose is the organza blouse. By wearing this one top, it fits perfectly with a kebaya wrapped skirt.

The combination of the two fashion items will make the appearance more elegant.

Avoid excessive selection of blouse models. Because the model actually makes you seem less attractive. Choose a slim and modern blouse.

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The top recommendation for a kebaya wrapped skirt is a striated shirt. You can use these fashion items for an ethnic impression combined with wrapped fabric.

Wearing a striated top also makes the style look more stylish and casual. Choose a motif that is not excessive and add it with accessories such as shoes or appropriate bags.


Everyone certainly has a shirt as a fashion item that has many designs. You can even customize the model and color according to your choice.

In addition, the shirt is also easily combined with any bottom. Like a shirt with a kebaya wrapped around a skirt.

For a semi-formal look you can mix and match the two.

Tuck the bottom of the shirt all the way through, choosing a short wrap. Wearing this fashion style will look optimal if you wear a hand bag and high heels.

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It’s different again for those of you who want to look relaxed, but effortless, you can choose a long-sleeved turtleneck top.

This top model you usually wear in winter, but the models are quite varied so you can use these clothes anytime.

You can also combine a turtleneck with a midi cut kebaya. Complete the mix wearing trendy loafers or sandals. Guaranteed your style will look more beautiful and cool. (R10/HR-Online)


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