Kynd Beauty Launches Halal Solid-Color Technology Nail Polish

Beauty News, (,- Kynd Beauty launched nail polish or nail color with Halal Solid-Color technology.

Along with the development of the beauty industry in Indonesia, nail color or nail polish products are increasingly diverse with various advantages that are highlighted.

The range of nail polish collections, colors and formulas in the local and international beauty industry has grown rapidly.

One of them is the presence of halal nail polish that is safe to use for worship.

Halal nail polish generally uses a water-based formula and the younger generation likes it because it is healthier and environmentally friendly.

However, water-based nail polish tends to be more transparent and easy to peel or damage.

Kynd Beauty Ku Nail Polish Formulation

In April, this local beauty brand officially launched a collection with 9 pastel colors and 1 clear top/base coat.

After two years of research and formulation, Kynd Beauty produces halal nail color with solid-color technology.

This formula produces intense, non-transparent color in just one layer of application.

Halal, vegan, and cruelty-free nail polish can be hunted starting April 7, 2022 on the Kynd Beauty official website or on the Kynd Beauty Shopee Mall platform.

The presence of the Creamy Collection is a tangible form of this brand supporting inclusiveness in the community.

At this inaugural launch, Kynd Beauty raised the “Anyone Can Show Their True Colors” campaign to promote freedom of creativity and expression for everyone regardless of gender or background.

This campaign is also in line with Kynd Beauty’s mission as a brand, namely, “spread kyndness and inclusivity through colors”.

Kynd Beauty Co-Founder, Putu Ayu Saraswati, said that through this campaign, her party wants to break down the walls of boundaries and stigma regarding the use of nail polish in the community.

Of course, this message is also in line with the quality and formulation of Kynd Beauty products.

Repelling stigma such as ageism and toxic masculinity is one of the focuses of this brand in its latest product line campaign.

Member of Atola Group

Kynd Beauty is one of the newest brands under the Atola Group, which is an incubator for women’s brands with a focus on the sustainability mission.

Founder of Atola Group and Co-Founder of Kynd Beauty, Gitta Amelia, said that each brand under the Atola Group has its own mission and vision.

Especially in this case, Kynd Beauty, a brand that wants to voice its vision and mission about the importance of accepting and respecting individual uniqueness and differences.

This brand exists to support each individual with their own uniqueness and diversity and to show their true ‘color’.

Not only a special campaign, the nail polish collection from this brand also has a stunning formulation and performance.

This brand’s nail polish line is the first peelable nail colorant in Indonesia formulated with solid color lock technology.

Users don’t have to worry about thin color results because this formula will produce a solid and concentrated color on the nail surface with just 1 layer of application.

However, Kynd Beauty nail polish also has a water-based formulation so that it remains breathable and translucent.

The use of this nail polish will not hinder ablution because water can still penetrate into the nails.

Besides being safe to use for worship, this nail polish collection is a peel-off nail polish that is easy to clean anytime and anywhere without damaging your nails.

Creamy Collection by Kynd Beauty is available in 9 sweet pastel colors and 1 clear top/base coat.

The colors from their latest product line have very unique names, namely Terracotta, Sea Shell, Bermuda, Penny Lane, Smoothie Bowl, Mexicola, Milk & Honey, Honey Waffles, and Poolside.

Each nail polish from the Creamy Collection line is priced at a unit price of IDR 79,000.

However, for nail polish lovers who want to collect several colors from this product line, you can buy a bundle containing 3 sweet colors at a price of IDR 229,000.

Coming with a warm message and an exceptional product formula, this brand is determined to continue to bring new breakthroughs in the homeland beauty industry.

Kynd Beauty as a brand will also continue to deliver good messages that inspire the public through campaigns and upcoming product launches.

It doesn’t stop at the Creamy Collection, in the future this brand will also present other sweet and adorable colors for nail polish lovers and beauty enthusiasts. (Deni / R4 / HR-Online)


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