Long Sleeve Collar T-shirt Suitable for Formal to Casual Look

Long-sleeved collared shirts are one of the fashion items for men. Make sure you know the right mix. This will help you look more attractive.

T-shirt models like this have been present as a fashion item since ancient times. However, t-shirts also come with various interesting designs. There are various models that are attractive and suitable for casual or daily activities.

There are plain collar shirts, motifs, short sleeves and long sleeves. You can adjust everything to your own taste.

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Tips for Mixing and Matching Long-Sleeved Collar Shirts

Long sleeved t-shirts are made of various types of materials and various designs. Even what has been done since the beginning if this one fashion item is also suitable for casual or formal events.

But make sure you know how to combine various clothes to create an interesting impression. Collared shirts are also known as polo shirts.

The more trendy design makes the interest of men more choose it. If you are one of the lovers of polo shirts, here are the right mix and match tips to make your appearance look cool and attractive.

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Choose White Color

For this first mix and match, you can choose a white long-sleeved collar shirt with navy colored pants. However, if you want to look simple, but still cool, you can combine the two with the addition of a bright color t-shirt like blue.

It will be very attractive and fit if you wear slip on shoes. Choosing a mix and match on this one will help your appearance seem optimal.

French Men’s Look

The next way to combine fashion items is to wear a black long-sleeved collared shirt with an additional blazer. You can wear gray pants.

Choosing a combination of this one is suitable for those of you who want to look formal. One of them is to attend a party at night. Wearing a collared shirt will make your appearance seem more presentable and polite.

Interestingly, this mix and match is able to create a cool French male look.

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Shirt with Turtle Neck

However, the combination of a polo shirt or collar does have a unique and interesting characteristic. Men will look dignified and cool when wearing this one fashion item.

You can try a combination of a collared shirt with a turtle neck. This combination style will display an interesting and different style. Pair a turtle neck and a contrasting polo shirt.

If the shirt is dark, choose a light turtle neck as layering. Layers of different clothes colors can give a dramatic effect for every appearance.

To attend a formal event, add leather pants and shoes. With a combination of this one long-sleeved collar shirt, you will look cool and stylish. (R10/HR-Online)


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