Long Umbrella Skirt Choose the Right Top Inspiration to Look Beautiful

Long umbrella skirt is one of the bottoms that has an interesting design. The appearance is unique and suitable to be worn in various activities.

Umbrella skirts are quite popular nowadays. This fashion item has an enlarged diameter at the bottom.

When doing a circular motion when wearing it will form like an umbrella.

All women love this one skirt. Has an attractive design, both long and short sizes.

This skirt is never timeless. Because the umbrella skirt is actually growing today.

The appearance is more modern, quality materials, and motifs support to make it look attractive. There are many skirt materials ranging from cotton, jersey, chiffon, spandek, and many others.

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Top Inspiration with Long Umbrella Skirt

Wearing a skirt is also chosen by many women who want to look feminine. Currently the skirt also comes with a variety of interesting models. You can also choose according to your wishes both from design, material, color, to size.

One that is quite popular is the umbrella skirt. You can wear this one fashion item to make it look attractive.

You can combine this skirt with various fashion items. Here are some top recommendations for long skirts, namely:

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One of the inspirations that you can combine with a long umbrella skirt is a blouse. Blouse including tops that are never timeless. You can also choose a blouse as the best boss.

Even these fashion items are also suitable to combine with any subordinates. The various models can help make the impression of a more stylish appearance. You can choose a fabric blouse.

Choose a nude or beige fashion color. Put the shirt into the skirt to make it look attractive and stylish. Wearing a blouse can give a chic and neat impression.


Currently the use of shirts is also increasing. Not only from men, but there are several models of shirts that are specifically for women. You can combine a long umbrella skirt with a shirt.

The combination of the two will display a semi-formal look, but still feminine. You can choose the appropriate shirt, make sure the clothes you find can make the event more festive.

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There are also those who combine shirts with skirts. In addition to having various lengths, skirts also look more attractive and elegant. You can choose long or short t-shirts according to your individual taste.

So that you can still get a beautiful and attractive impression. You can choose a loose-fitting shirt. So that it can display the impression according to body shape.

Look beautiful and confident by choosing a top with a long umbrella skirt combination. Add the best accessories to give a more formal or semi-formal impression. (R10/HR-Online)


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