Models of working batik clothes for women with hijab complete with tips for choosing them

Models of working batik clothes for women with hijab vary widely. You can choose an attractive design according to your taste.

Moreover, now batik clothing has also been widely circulated in the market. Allows anyone to choose according to their needs.

Batik is one type of official clothing that has an attractive appearance. In addition to the various designs, there are many advantages of batik motif clothing.

One of the designs that you can choose is a batik shirt model for work. Wearing the hijab doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable.

You can choose the model according to the activity you are doing.

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Tips for Choosing a Work Batik Dress Model for Women with Hijab

A woman who wears a hijab doesn’t mean she can’t look beautiful and stylish. Especially for events to the office, you can choose your own design according to your needs.

You could say that batik clothes are very suitable for formal activities such as work. It’s actually quite easy to choose the right model for a hijabi woman.

Because, the design of the batik shirt itself seems loose and long. So it will be suitable for work activities, both indoors and outdoors. So that you don’t make a mistake, you can use the following tips.


In choosing a batik shirt model for work, you also need to make sure in terms of the material. Batik comes with a variety of material variants. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So that makes you have to be able to determine precisely. Create a look of comfort rather than luxury.

So that the design you want will be right according to the comfortable material.

This method increases the feeling of comfort while in the work area. We recommend choosing a cotton material that has many advantages. Starting from the texture is soft, smooth, cool, and able to absorb sweat well.

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Just like choosing other clothes, you also need to know the appropriate model of working batik clothes for women with hijab. You can choose clothes according to body size.

Adjusting the cut of clothing will be much more important in order to create a sense of comfort. Having a full body and thin will take a lot of time.

This is because both body shapes are not normal. In order not to get the wrong size, you should choose a work batik dress model and sew it.

So it will be much easier to buy cloth than to receive it. However, it will usually be much more expensive.

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Suitable Design

Once you can determine the right material, you can make it in detail. Choose quality materials with designs according to activities.

This is because the design or model of work clothes cannot be arbitrary. You can choose a simple design, but still elegant.

Each fashion design has a different thought, including the model of working batik clothes for women with hijab. Make sure you wear the right work clothes to make it look neat and polite. (R10/HR-Online)


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