Nasida Ria’s gamis managed to become a highlight when performing in Germany

Nasida Ria’s robes are now being talked about a lot. This started when the kasidah group performed in attractive clothes.

When performing on the stage of the Opening Week Music Program Documenta Fifteen, the kasidah group wore a robe with a blend of black and yellow colors.

In appearance, Nasida Ria’s kasidah group also managed to bring some Islamic songs. Starting from Peace, World in the News, City of Santri, and When a Nuclear Bomb is Detonated.

When the group performed, many spectators who were German citizens were impressed and enjoyed the chanting of every song they sang.

Appearing harmoniously, each member also attracted the attention of German citizens. Interestingly, the Nasida Ria-style robe is indeed able to maximize every appearance.

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Stunning Look with Nasida Ria’s Abaya

Nasida Ria’s kasidah group is from Semarang, Central Java. Recently the kasidah group has been in the spotlight on social media.

The group became popular after its appearance on Documenta Fifteen in Germany.

Performed in front of hundreds of spectators and managed to give the best performance. Nasidah Ria is the oldest modern kasidah group in Indonesia.

Along with his appearance in Germany, he managed to steal the public’s attention. It turned out that not only in Germany, but the kasidah group also recently performed in Europe.

Because of his stunning appearance with an attractive robe, the audience joined in singing the song’s lyrics.

Not a few Indonesian viewers were proud and amazed by the performance of the kasidah group. Even Nasida Ria’s kasidah has become a trending topic on social media.

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Nasidah Ria Becomes the Spotlight of Netizens

Having an attractive appearance for someone while on stage is also a public concern. One of them in terms of clothing.

Like the look of this kasidah group from Semarang, Central Java.

They wore beautiful and modern Nasida Ria-style robes. The appearance of the robes seemed contemporary, helping to encourage the audience and the kasidah group.

Moreover, the songs they bring are quite popular in the ears of the Indonesian people.

Interestingly, when he appeared on the German stage, there were two monitors containing English and Indonesian song lyrics. So that the audience can sing along.

Uploading an Instagram account also reaped many different comments.

Many netizens were proud that the kasidah group had the opportunity to perform in Germany. So Nasida Ria’s kasidah group appeared on the international scene.

This has started to be uploaded through Nasida Ria’s own Instagram account since the moment of her departure to Germany.

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Not only that, this kasidah group also continues to capture and share moments during practice and sound checks that cannot be separated from the spotlight of netizens

This kasidah group managed to appear as the opening act of the world’s grand art event in Germany. Nasida Ria’s robe also cannot be separated from the public spotlight. (R10/HR-Online)


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