OOTD Black Culottes Style Inspiration Formal and Casual Dress

Black culottes OOTD suitable for hijabi women. There is a lot of inspiration for mix and match with selected culottes. There are so many fashion trends that are now developing and presenting different styles.

You can also choose various fashion trends that can be worn according to activities. One of them with the bottom of the pants. Pants also have many kinds that can be combined with selected OOTD.

Like choosing a black culottes OOTD. You can wear culottes with an interesting blend of tops and hijabs. Guaranteed the appearance will be more fashionable.

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Inspiration for Choosing Black Culottes OOTD

Culottes are one of the many types of bottoms that many women choose. Not only adult women. However, including teenagers, they also choose culottes for everyday style.

The loose and wide-sized pants design can make your appearance look stylish and fashionable. In addition, culottes are also made of thick material that is comfortable even if you wear them all day.

Culottes are also quite easy for you to combine with various clothes for certain events. One of the recommendations is black culottes.

Here are some interesting inspirations that you can choose to combine with culottes.

Oversized Shirt

There are many choices of combinations of tops with culottes. One of them is a black culotte OOTD with an oversized shirt. For women with hijab, this inspiration is the best choice.

Oversized shirts are quite popular and are the choice of millennial youth today.

But for those who don’t wear a hijab, they can wear a short-sleeved oversized shirt. Combine it with black cuffs as an inner which helps give the impression of a more attractive appearance.

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Jeans Jacket

Jeans jackets never go out of style. There are many inspirational fashion items that can be combined with a jeans jacket. For those of you who want to look casual, a jeans jacket and black culottes OOTD are an interesting choice.

Even though it looks trendy, it’s still cute. Combine a cream-colored jeans jacket with black interior which is suitable for hangouts with friends.

White T-shirt

The next black culottes OOTD is with a choice of white t-shirts. The appearance of the simple style is anti-complicated and will not take much time.

Even though it looks simple, it looks beautiful and elegant. This display of fashion style inspiration is suitable for young people who want to go to campus.

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Stripe Shirt

In addition to some inspirational tops that match black culottes, a striped shirt is one of them. For those of you who want to look formal, you can wear a striped shirt to make it look more presentable and elegant.

Tuck a striped shirt into culottes when you go to the office. Choose the inspiration of the selected black culottes OOTD that can be adapted to your daily activities. Create a comfortable and stylish impression on various occasions. (R10/HR-Online)


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