OOTD Blazer Hijab Looks Stylish with the Right Match

OOTD hijab blazer with the right blend, the look is more attractive. Let’s do anything and match with a blazer to look beautiful and stylish.

When it comes to the world of fashion, there are lots of recommendations for fashion items for women. In addition to fashion trends that keep changing, now you can mix and match all of it as attractive as possible.

One of the fashion items that never goes out of style is the blazer. Blazers are also quite popular with Muslim women. Besides being able to give a stylish impression, it also easily blends with other fashion items.

Not only does it help give a casual look, but it also looks more formal in the right way. Use an OOTD hijab blazer to look beautiful and modern.

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Inspiration for OOTD Blazer Hijab

Fashion trends for women with hijabs are also developing like other fashion trends. Even though wearing a hijab doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

You can also follow the fashion trends that are developing among the wider community. Especially with the emergence of various fashion items that are also worn by hijabers.

Blazers can help make your appearance look more attractive and unique for attending formal or casual events. Blazers come with a variety of attractive designs and quality materials.

You can easily make choices according to your needs. Here are some of the right combinations for hijabers wearing inspirational blazers.

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Pair with Sneakers

The inspiration for the first hijab blazer OOTD by combining it with sneakers. You can look casual and attractive with a blend of blazer and pants.

This one inspiration is able to display the impression of earth which is suitable for clothing to the office. However, the presence of sneakers will increase the feeling of comfort while on the move. For a radiant boyish look, add accessories such as sunglasses.


There is nothing wrong with looking attractive and different from the others. You can wear a jumpsuit equipped with a matching color blazer. The OOTD hijab blazer is able to create a graceful and elegant impression.

To get the maximum fashion, wear a blazer just attached to the shoulders. Use a blend of matching color hijabs for a more dazzling impression.

Cutbray Pants

Cutbray pants model is timeless. If you are a lover of vintage style, you can use the following inspiration.

The unified look of cutbray pants and a blazer can give the impression of a vintage and casual style. Add a handbag of the same color to be able to perform optimally.

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Kitten Shoes

It’s different if you want to look feminine, you can use the inspiration of a blazer blend with kitten shoes. You can wear an all-white outfit with a combination of a coral-colored blazer.

This method can give a stylish look that is not boring. To look beautiful and look feminine, add white kitten shoes. This OOTD hijab blazer will feel pleasing to the eye. (R10/HR-Online)


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