OOTD Gamis for Lectures to Look Stylish and Polite, Here are the Tips

You can wear OOTD robes for college to keep your syar’i appearance, but still be stylish.

Especially if you can determine the right robe. The appearance will be more fashionable and confident.

Gamis is clothing with long and wide pieces. The size is large with a variety of attractive models.

If in the past the robe was only for activities during the recitation or Eid al-Fitr, not anymore. You can wear a robe according to various activities. One of them for clothing to campus.

You can choose OOTD robes for college to make it look more attractive. A robe does not make you feel complicated or difficult to move.

This is because the robe comes with a variety of attractive design options. You can also choose the right material, color, and model. Adjust the design of the robe with the activity you will be doing.

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Tips for Choosing OOTD Gamis for College, Still Stylish Appearance

Lecture is one of the activities that students do regularly. Although you can wear a variety of clothes, of course you have to choose the right one. Especially if you are a Muslim woman.

It is mandatory to be able to have a beautiful, elegant, and of course polite appearance. If you are not used to wearing pants, a gamis is the best solution.

Usually a student wants to still look beautiful and attractive. For that, use the right tips before choosing clothes for college.

Here are some tips for choosing OOTD robes to look casual, but still stylish.

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Choose Pastel Color

One of the tips for choosing OOTD robes for college is the color. It’s good if you choose a pastel color robe to make it seem soft, but still charming.

In addition, pastel colors are also easier to combine with various color choices.

Thus, pastel color robes can be combined with any color hijab. So it won’t take long to prepare to go to college.

Wear Simple Hijab

Choosing a robe is quite easy. You can also determine the model according to the activity you are doing.

Apart from the color of the OOTD, you can also combine the robe for college with a simple hijab.

There are many models to color choices of robes and hijabs on the market. Instant hijab can be the right OOTD recommendation with the robe of your choice.

The color of the hijab can be adjusted to the outfit worn. Look beautiful and attractive with additional accessories on the hijab.

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Contrast Hijab Color

In addition to determining the choice of a robe model, you can also combine it with a contrasting hijab. So you don’t have to choose a hijab and a robe of the same color.

You can wear a soft color robe that combines with a light orange pashmina.

Complete the OOTD style of the robe for college with white boots. The right combination makes the appearance guaranteed to be stylish, but still polite. (R10/HR-Online)


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