OOTD Jeans and Shirts Look Simple, But Still Neat

OOTD jeans and shirts give a casual yet beautiful look. You can imitate this style of dress to look fashionable.

The number of fashion items on the market sometimes makes you confused.

However, there are two outfits that are timeless, namely jeans and shirts. Maybe almost everyone has these two fashion items.

Jeans and shirts are outfits that are suitable for anyone to wear. Moreover, now the designs are increasingly varied.

Helping you to choose according to your individual style of dress.

In addition, jeans and shirts are also quite easy to match with anything. If you want to look fashionable, imitate the following OOTD inspiration for jeans and shirts.

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Mix and match OOTD jeans and shirts, here’s the inspiration

Having a beautiful and attractive appearance is everyone’s choice. If you are one who wants to look trendy, but still polite, you can combine jeans and a shirt.

Shirts have many choices of models, colors, and materials of choice. Adjust to the taste of your choice.

To be able to appear confident, you don’t need to buy new clothes.

You are quite clever in mixing and matching various fashion items. Pairing jeans and shirts is quite easy.

When you wear both, the impression of a fashion style will radiate casual look and semi-formal. Here are some inspirations for the right mix of jeans and shirts.

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Look Simple with a White Shirt

The combination of OOTD jeans and a shirt is by choosing blue jeans and a white shirt. Wearing a combination of the two gives a super simple impression.

Can be matched with various types of shoes of choice. One of them with high heels for those of you who want to look beautiful, cool, and fashionable.

Vintage Impression with Short Sleeve Shirt

As many people already know if the development of the fashion world is getting faster. There are changes in various fashions including the choice of shirts.

Shirt designs are quite diverse and you can choose the motif, color, and size according to your taste.

If you want to look vintage, try choosing a short-sleeved shirt with jeans. You can wear this OOTD combination of jeans and shirts when you go for a walk or hang out with friends.

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Hijab Style with Shirt

For women who wear hijab, now they can look fashionable and contemporary. You just mix and match to make it look even cooler.

For women who wear hijab, jeans and shirts can also be worn.

You can choose loose-fitting jeans and a shirt as an outer.

You can wear a t-shirt for the inside of the shirt. So it still looks syar’i, but fashionable.

Has an attractive appearance can be seen from the style of dress. If you want to still look attractive with a trendy style, you can choose the right combination of OOTD jeans and shirts. (R10/HR-Online)


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