Pastel Pink Gamis, Combine with the Right Hijab!

Pastel pink robes match what color hijab? You should be more careful in combining colors so that the appearance is not tacky.

As many people know, the color pink or pink is one that is quite popular with women. Besides reflecting a feminine look, it also symbolizes fun.

So most women prefer to choose it. Not only one tone, but pink also consists of several types. One of them is pastel pink.

In order to make the appearance more attractive and harmonious, don’t just mix colors. You should combine a pastel pink robe with the right hijab. In this way, your appearance will look beautiful and harmonious.

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Hijab Options for Pastel Pink Dresses

The robe is one of the timeless fashion items for Muslim women. In fact, almost all Muslim women have robes with various designs to attractive colors.

One that many have is a pink robe. Pastel pink is also one of the many pink robes to choose from. To make it look attractive and harmonious, choose the following hijab color recommendations.


The hijab color recommendation for a pastel pink robe is gray. You can choose a combination of both for the impression of a beautiful appearance.

Gray is a neutral color type and complements each other when combined with pastel pink. This matching color combination style is suitable to be worn when attending non-formal events, such as traveling or hanging out with friends.

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There are many choices of hijab colors that are suitable for pastel pink robes. You can combine it with a brown hijab. The difference in tones between brown and pastel will complement each other.

Even the combination of the two will create a look that doesn’t seem monotonous. Choose a variety of hijabs with the right colors will also make you more confident.


Black is quite recommended for various colors of robes. Black is a neutral color that is suitable for pastel pink.

The two colors will match and complement each other. Add neutral colored accessories to make the look even more optimal.

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Just like black, white is also a neutral color that is suitable to be combined with various other clothing color choices. You can wear a plain white hijab or a pattern.

Wear the right combination of clothing and hijab, so you can get a beautiful, elegant and neat impression.

A robe is a dress that can be worn for formal to casual events. Even the colors are quite diverse, so you can choose a pastel pink robe with a matching hijab to look beautiful in all situations. (R10/HR-Online)


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