Premium Moscrepe robe with several advantages

Premium moscrepe robes have different advantages over other types of materials. Even widely used for the manufacture of other syar’i clothing. Gamis is synonymous with Muslim women.

The loose and long design is able to cover a woman’s genitals well. In addition, the simple design you can wear for various events.

Especially now that there are many attractive designs that you can choose according to their respective criteria. The materials used for the manufacture of robes are also increasing. One of them is a premium moscrepe robe.

In addition to looking beautiful with premium moscrepe material, it certainly makes anyone feel comfortable when wearing it. Not a few Muslim women who choose a robe made from premium moscrepe.

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Advantages of Premium Moscrepe Robe

Moscrepe material is indeed widely used for the manufacture of modern hijab materials as it is today. In addition to having a quality that is not less good, the price offered is also quite affordable.

However, premium moscrepe clothing is able to give the impression of luxury and elegance. So that you don’t choose the wrong dress, you should know more about the advantages of moscrepe material for making clothes and others.


As people already know, Muslim or syar’i clothing must not be see-through or thin. A robe made of premium moscrepe is the right choice. The advantage of this material is that it is not transparent.

The thickness of the moscrepe material makes it not transparent. If you want to choose a material that looks more concentrated, you should choose a robe with a dark color. Such as dark blue, dark purple, black and the like.

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Not Easy to Tangle

Premium moscrepe robes have many advantages. One thing you can get is a material that doesn’t wrinkle easily. If you use wrinkled clothes, it will definitely make you feel less confident.

When you want to wear it, like it or not, you have to iron it first. but by choosing a robe with this one material, you don’t need to do anything.

Clothing made from moscrepe has a thick wrinkle texture so it doesn’t wrinkle easily. In this way, the display is maximized.

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Thick and Light

Thick and light material will feel comfortable when you wear it. Especially for Muslim women who have to cover their genitals when leaving the house.

The moscrepe material has a thick texture, and will not be transparent. Although thick, but the fabric will feel light and comfortable to use in various activities.

Actually, there are still many advantages of moscrepe material. So that is the reason why Muslim women prefer it from other types of materials.

Besides being able to give a beautiful appearance, premium moscrepe robes are also able to increase self-confidence when dressing. In addition, the level of comfort you don’t need to doubt anymore. (R10/HR-Online)


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