Premium Rayon Robe Pros, Disadvantages, and Care Tips

Premium rayon robes have an elegant and luxurious appearance. Moreover, the characteristics and characteristics are different from other types of materials.

The robe is a garment that has been worn by many Muslim women from the past.

Currently, the robe is not only worn to attend recitations or similar events. But you can wear a robe on various occasions.

This is influenced because the robe has undergone many changes. Both in terms of models, color choices, to the material for making the robe. One of them is a premium rayon robe.

Each material for making robes has its own characteristics and advantages. Likewise with rayon material.

So that you don’t choose the wrong robe, find out what the rayon material is for making this one Muslim dress.

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Characteristics of Premium Rayon Robe

The robe is one of the most popular fashion items today. Interestingly, the robe also has a design to quality materials such as premium rayon.

Rayon is a material made from regenerated fibers from cellulose (plant cell walls). But there are also those made from pulverized wood pulp.

That’s why rayon is classified as a semi-synthetic material. The basic ingredients of pure cloth are made from natural ingredients.

But sometimes it is difficult to distinguish rayon from other types of fabric.

The characteristics of the rayon material for the robe are quite interesting. Starting from the material that does not wrinkle easily, natural luster, absorbency like cotton, and smooth and smooth texture.

In addition, the characteristics of premium rayon are also less elastic, easy to color, and easy to burn.

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Rayon Premium Benefits

Just like other fabrics, this premium rayon robe also comes with many advantages. Especially considering that comfort is the main key in choosing a robe.

Because the design is long and loose, you should be able to choose quality materials. Apart from that, the comfort level is good.

All you can get because rayon has the following advantages:

  • Rayon fabric is not easy to wrinkle
  • The price is more affordable
  • Has a soft and slippery texture, as well as
  • There are quite a lot of color variations.

Disadvantages of Rayon Robe

In addition to knowing the characteristics and advantages of premium rayon robes, there are also disadvantages.

All materials for making robes have their respective advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of rayon are:

  • Flammable
  • If you wear it will be much easier to shape the body
  • Has an unpleasant odor, and
  • Fabrics fade easily.

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Caring for clothes is something you need to know. To care for rayon material is quite easy. You can understand if the material is unstable.

Rayon is easier to stretch and shrink. We recommend that when washing make it a habit to use hands or the manual method.

It is advisable to wash and squeeze carefully so that the material does not deform.

When you want to iron use medium temperature. In this way, of course, premium rayon robes can help you look stylish. (R10/HR-Online)


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