Simple Plisket Bergo Veil Adjusts to Your Face Shape

The plisket bergo hijab is one of the hijab models that is currently popular. To get an attractive appearance you need to adjust to the shape of the face.

Because, not all women are suitable to wear this type of hijab. There are so many types of hoods that are now easily found in the market. In addition to the motif to the type, the material of the veil is also increasingly varied.

This is what makes women free to decide. Included in determining the choice of a plisket bergo veil that fits and fits the face shape of each wearer.

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Tips for Choosing a Plisket Bergo Veil According to Face Shape

Bergo veil is one of the many types of hijab on the market. This one veil is commonly called an instant hijab. Because how to use it is simple, but still interesting.

There are many materials and motifs that you can get. One of them is plisket which has a unique shape. Not only do you find comfortable materials, but the plisket hijab is now able to accompany daily activities.

Variants of bergo hoods that help you a lot can make choices according to each face shape. Here are some ways you can do to find the best hooded bergo. So that helps the appearance seem antique and polite.

Oval Face

For women who have an oval-shaped face will look more proportional. The right choice of plisket bergo veil is a plain or layered model.

Because for those of you who have an oval-shaped face, it will be much easier to determine the choice of veil.

Moreover, the shape of the face that has the characteristics of a long chin, temples and forehead jaw looks proportional. So it will not make you feel difficult when choosing a bergo or pashmina veil.

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Tired Face

Having a variety of different face shapes, of course, determines the veil is different. Different for those who have a thin face shape.

We recommend that before wearing a veil with plisket, you choose a thin inner one. You can also choose a bergo with a back strap or ruffles.

Wrinkles on the back of this role to make the face look wider. When wearing a bergo, there’s nothing wrong with making a bun to complete your appearance.

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Round face

Most of the round face women don’t like wearing instant hijab. The reasons are quite varied. One of them bergo veil will actually make his face look fat.

In fact, of the many bergo veils, of course there are those that look attractive and are suitable for round-faced women. You can choose a bergo veil that can cover the cheekbone area.

In addition, there is no need to use inner to cover the forehead. So that the round impression does not appear, you should choose a loose-fitting plisket scarf. In this way, the chubby cheeks will be covered. (R10/HR-Online)


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