Suhoor Food for Strong Ramadan Fasting for a Full Day!

Suhoor food so that you can fast throughout the day of course you have to pay attention to it wisely. Do not let the body lose energy in the middle of the day while fasting.

Towards the month of Ramadan, Muslims begin to prepare everything. Because, in this holy month we will fast for a whole month.

Although fasting, it does not mean our activities stop. It will certainly be quite heavy for those of you who are not used to it.

In order to fast smoothly, then you need to pay attention to the intake of sahur. What is good for the body?

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Key to Suhoor Food for Strong Fasting

Fasting sometimes does make people weak and lose concentration. In fact, it can be avoided if you know the food is good for the body.

During fasting, we have the opportunity to have sahur and break the fast. The key to fasting for a full day without suffocating is, of course, at dawn.

At the time of dawn, you should pay attention to the food that enters the body. Here are foods that will keep the body fit during fasting all day.


We all know that eggs are animal protein that is very good for the body. Although high in protein, it turns out that eggs have low calories.

That makes eggs can help you to be full longer. You can of course process eggs according to taste.

Fish or Chicken

This next food contains lots of omega-3 which is good for the body. The content of omega-3 in chicken and fish can prevent illness while fasting all day.

In addition, fish is also rich in protein that can regenerate damaged body cells. On the other hand, chicken has energy-producing nutrients that make it suitable as a sahur meal for strong fasting.

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Green vegetable

No less important than the others, green vegetables are also mandatory as a meal menu. The reason, green vegetables are very rich in antioxidants that are good for the body.

In addition, green vegetables also take a long time for the body to digest so they can make you feel full longer.

Red rice

Who can’t live without rice? If you fall into that group, then maybe you can replace white rice with brown rice.

In texture, brown rice is denser, but it has a much higher fiber content. Fiber during fasting is what the body needs to stay strong during activities and stay full longer.

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Banana and Apple

Fruit is very good for the body. However, there are some that are highly recommended during fasting such as bananas and apples.

Both are famous for being rich in fiber which will make your body feel full longer. There is also a high vitamin content which is very useful for body health.

Suhoor food to be strong for a full day of fasting in fact does not need to be luxurious. You can buy all these ingredients at very affordable prices. (R10/HR-Online)


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