The Color of Clothes That Are Suitable for Black Teens, Here Are The Recommendations

The color of clothes that are suitable for teenagers can be adjusted to the color of their skin. One of them is black. Fashion styles are constantly changing.

Currently, many are following fashion trends, many clothing manufacturers provide the latest innovations. Especially teenagers who can not be separated from the current fashion trends.

They have different styles. Moreover, for the selection of colors, should be in accordance with each skin.

You need to choose a suitable color for black skin. Actually not difficult, let alone there are tips in choosing it.

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Tips for Determining the Right Color for Teens

Having black skin is sometimes confused to determine the right color of clothing. Though not all perception of color does not match with blacks.

As a black teenager, sometimes I feel inferior when choosing stylish clothes with striking colors. Even though you are black, you can still choose a cool outfit.

In order not to be wrong in determining the color of clothing, here are some options that are quite recommended for black teenagers.

Light blue

The color of clothes that are suitable for black teenagers is light blue. Light blue is a light color that is suitable for darker skin characters.

Although bright, but the character is quite calm and not too flashy. It doesn’t always have to be a dress or dress, you can wear a light blue shirt or t-shirt.

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There is another option that is suitable for you with dark skin, namely purple. The color of the clothes that are suitable for teenagers has a bright and bold character.

Wearing purple clothes will make teenage girls seem more feminine and cute. Choose a lilac or lighter purple for an even more edgy look.

Lemon Yellow

Another option for those of you with dark skin is lemon yellow. This color is quite suitable to create a more elegant appearance.

The lemon yellow character that looks like gold makes the look even more luxurious.

If you want to look more calm and simple, you can use a lemon yellow outfit. Avoid make up too flashy because the outfit already makes the appearance brighter.

Choose clothes colors that are suitable for dark-skinned teenagers so that they don’t seem tacky and flashy. One of the best choices is lemon yellow.

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Red is also a color choice for those with black or dark skin. Maybe there are some people who are afraid to wear this color which will give a darker impression.

But in fact to make your appearance brighter, red is the right choice. The black skin tone will seem more radiant with a fresh red dress.

It’s a good idea to determine the color of clothes that are suitable for dark-skinned teens to still appear confident. (R10/HR-Online)


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