The Lesti Kejora Veil Collection, it turns out that the price is Rp. 90 thousand

The collection of Lesti Kejora headscarves is certainly from a luxury brand at an expensive price. Like clothes, bags and shoes. As a famous swordsman with abundant wealth, of course it becomes something natural.

In fact, several times Lesti appeared wearing a dress that was equivalent to the price of a motorbike. In addition, recently Lesti was also reportedly wearing the same mint green dress as Taylor Swift.

Because it is a world brand, the dress can cost up to millions of rupiah. Not only paying attention to the dress and shoes, Lesti is also picky about the veil she will wear.

But it turns out that not all of the veils that Lesti wears are from well-known products that cost millions of rupiah, you know. Because there are also some headscarves that Lesti wears that cost under Rp. 100 thousand.

Summarizing from various sources, here are some of the headscarves that Lesti wears, starting at less than Rp. 100 thousand to millions of rupiah.

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This is the Lesti Kejora Veil Collection and the Price

Breggo Fill ID

Several years ago, Lesti Kejora inaugurated a fashion brand specifically for hijab-wearing women’s products under the name Lesti Daily.

This product offers a simple and instant hood. Even this brand is selling well in the community. Lesti herself had used one of these products which cost only Rp. 95 thousand.

Printed Satin Scarf

There is also a collection of Lesti Kejora headscarves apart from the instant models. Several times he wore a scarf-shaped veil. You can use this hood with a model at will.

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When wearing a scarf, Lesti uses products from Zara by combining attractive bright colors. If you want to have a scarf like the one Lesti wears, at least you need to prepare a budget of around IDR 269,900.

Empress Satin Shawl

The next collection of Lesti Kejora headscarves is from the buttonscarves brand. She has worn this veil in several events.

Different from the previous products, this scarf-shaped scarf is produced by a special brand of veils. The price is also still relatively affordable, which is around Rp. 359 thousand.

Navy Monogram Scarf

The scarf-shaped product is one of the Lesti Kejora veil collections. This scarf, produced by the Ayu Dyah Andari brand, costs around Rp. 335 thousand.

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With neutral colors, you can wear this scarf hood for clothes of various colors. Lesti Kejora combined this scarf with a yellow dress.

GG Heirness Print Silk Scarf

Then, for the latest collection of Lesti Kejora headscarves, the price is very fantastic, reaching Rp. 8,097,376.

Naturally, if the price is expensive because this scarf is a luxury product from the Italian brand, Gucci. Lesti once combined this Gucci scarf with a white shirt. (R3/HR-Online/Editor-Eva)


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