Ups and Downs Shirts That Are Viral on Social Media, Turns Out This Is The Material

The ups and downs of clothes have recently gone viral on social media. Actually what makes this one fashion item different?

For them, daily social media users will find the latest news that is on the rise.

Almost all smartphone owners, with many applications can help provide various information needed. Especially now that advanced technology helps people do many things more easily.

Through this one smart device you can be famous and make money. Like the TikTok application which is quite popular among the world community.

Recently seen viral news that is being discussed a lot. Maybe if you are one of those who don’t want to miss the news, the ups and downs of clothes are already familiar.

So, what is the uniqueness of this one fashion model? Check out the following reviews.

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Lots of designs to fashion models that continue to grow on the market. Not only from quality materials and attractive colors.

However, the choice of clothing also many people choose in terms of its uniqueness.

The uniqueness of this one comes from the clothes that are going viral on the TikTok application. The dress model looks unique because it can move up and down.

Many people at large even the artists who love it. This clothing trend has started to go viral after the upload of a TikTok account.

From the upload, it can be seen that clothes go up and down, one of the products that will be sold.

Because it can move up and down, many netizens are interested. Up and down clothes can move like there is a spring on the shirt.

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What’s the Material?

For users of the TikTok application, this viral shirt has indeed been widely spread a few days ago.

In a video upload, one of the accounts that has shared it shows a pretty cool outfit.

Unique clothing that can go up and down then managed to attract public attention. Not only ordinary people, but not a few artists who wear these clothes in the content.

The material for making this shirt is made of plisket. Made of polyester pleated dress.

Because the folds are quite small and neat, at a glance like a plisket model.

In addition, the reason for the ups and downs of clothing is made of plisket which makes it appear quite small and neat. This plisket drug helps clothes go up and down.

The clothes came from abroad, namely from Bangkok, even though the clothes were originally made from China. Some are in the form of tops, there are also dresses.

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This dress model is still difficult to get, the price is quite expensive. But maintenance is easy and simple.

Just wash with detergent and dry for a while. Do not use a dryer which will only make the clothes up and down damaged. (R10/HR-Online)


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