Variations of the Rectangular Hijab for Parties, Look Elegant and Charming

The variation of the rectangular hijab for the party is quite interesting. You can choose various variants of hijab styles to match your clothes. Appearance is something that is quite important, especially for women.

Not a few of them spend a lot of money to get the perfect look. Even today’s women don’t have to wear monotonous clothes that are large and long.

With so many Muslim fashion trends, it helps women who wear the hijab to look trendy. Various styles of clothing to go to the party is quite varied.

You can choose an interesting mix of clothes with variations of the hijab. By choosing the right model, it is guaranteed that the appearance will not be boring.

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Variations of Rectangular Hijab for Weddings

Having a fit and attractive appearance is one that helps increase one’s self-confidence. Especially when attending a wedding.

Of course, you will have a lot of preparations to do. One of them is wearing a hijab variation.

You can vary with a rectangular hijab to make it seem more optimal. Here are some inspirational variations of the hijab that you can make choices, including:

Hijab Square Ring

There are so many variations of rectangular hijabs for parties that you can choose from. How to wear the hijab on this one is quite easy.

Suitable for attending weddings by making rings at both ends of the hijab. You just use the inner hijab to cover your hair.

Wear a rectangular hijab with safety pins as usual.

After that, you can use the ring accessories. If not, just tie the two ends together.

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Back Strap Organza Hijab

A variation of the rectangular hijab for the next wedding party is to tie it to the back.

You can use an organza transparent hijab. You also need to use the inner hijab so that it is not visible from the outside.

Because the outer veil is transparent. You can use pins or needles in wearing them. Then you can tie the two ends of the hijab to the back.

Ribbon Variations

Wearing a rectangular hijab is actually quite easy. You can also create a hijab as attractive as possible.

If you want to go to a party you can use a variation of the ribbon.

You wear inner and wear a rectangular hijab as usual. Then take the second side and pull and twist it backwards until it comes back to the front.

Make a cross position like tying a rope. Don’t tie it too tight so you don’t suffocate.

Look beautiful and attractive with a rectangular hijab variation for a wedding party.

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Layering Hijab Style

Wearing appropriate clothing and hijab can make you look more confident. You can also choose the layering hijab style.

You just wear a plain hijab with a combination of tops or a complete dress with the outer.

Combine an attractive outfit with a rectangular hijab variation for a party. Guaranteed style appearance looks cool and stylish. (R10/HR-Online)


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